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Zodiac: Libra
Sep 24 - Oct 23
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How many stars are there in the

There are currently more than 100 million stars in our data base.

Where does all the data about the stars come from and how accurate is it?

There are several star catalogs that have been created over the past decades and centuries. Our data base is a compilation of several star catalogs. The most comprehensive catalogs that served as a basis are the UCAC3 catalog and the Tycho-2 star catalog. Together,they both comprise more than 100 million stars in the night sky. This data was amended by data from the Hipparcos catalog, which contains more than 100,000 stars together with high-precision position information.
Both the Tycho-2 and the Hipparcos star catalog are the result of the European Space Agency's astrometric mission called Hipparcos. The catalogs are the result of several years of precise observations of the Hipparcos-satellite. The data in our data base (such as position information, constellation information, magnitude, distance, etc.) is therefore as precise as the information in these catalogs.

Why is it free to name a star at while other web sites charge money?

The answer is simple: Nobody owns the stars, therefore nobody should sell them. Moreover, nobody should sell star names. The only official authority to name stars is the International Astronomical Union (IAU). And they won't let you name a star. Therefore, any star naming service you find on the Internet will simply keep your name in their private database, but it will never be the star's official name.
If you don't believe this, read this article on
Also, this star naming FAQ gives a really good overview of the topic.
Therefore, naming a star is a pure symbolic act. It is just for fun!
And that's also why naming a star is totally free at We do it just for fun! offers an interactive star chart that allows everybody to find your star. At, every star has a profile page, and you will get a personal login to the profile page of the star you name. You can post messages on this profile page, and you can add other stars as friends thus creating your personal stellar network. Read what's going on in your network and comment on posts of your friends.

Can I name a star that is visible with the naked eye?

No, that is not possible at Staracle. The reason is simple. There are only about 5.000 to 10.000 stars that are visible with the naked eye. And in order to see that many, you need to be in a really dark location, such as the desert. Some star naming companies advertise that they only give away stars that are visible with the naked eye. Well, you do the math: Either they have no more than 10.000 customers, or they give away the same stars over and over again.
At Staracle, we have decided to not give away stars that are visible with the naked eye, because there are not enough of them. Everybody would want one, and they would be gone in a really short period of time.

Are you affiliated with NASA or ESA?

No, we are not affiliated with NASA or ESA in any way.

Name a star for free!

... because it is exactly the same! (Why?)
We believe that everybody should be able to name a star for free. A personal gift with love instead of an expensive standard naming package. Your personal certificate from the most popular free star naming service is only a few mouse clicks away.

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