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Zodiac: Aries
Mar 21 - Apr 20
Read more about Aries.
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Name a star for free!

... because it is exactly the same! (Why?)
We believe that everybody should be able to name a star for free. A personal gift with love instead of an expensive standard naming package. Your personal certificate from the most popular free star naming service is only a few mouse clicks away.

Name an extra bright star

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Your naming package

We provide you with a comprehensive star naming package with many options to personalize your documents.
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Dark and light certificate styles

Large selection of certificate templates

Equatorial star chart of our Milky Way

Customized certificates

Large image library

Beware of visible stars!

Some web sites let you name visible or even well visible stars. But if you look at the night sky, there are only a few thousand visible stars, and only a few hundred well visible stars. If you name a visible star, it is very likely that thousands of other people have named that same star before you. Do you really want to name a star that has thousands of names already? What is such a star name worth after all?
At Staracle, we never give away the same star twice! You can always check this in our online database.
Your privacy is important to us! Clicking on the above button loads a Google Star Map from the Google servers and may place Cookies on your device. Please read our Privacy policy.
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